Take Control Over Your Digital Presence

Take Control Over Your Digital Presence

Top 5 Local Listings To Claim 2022

Did you know that digital sites such as Google, Yelp, and the like create profiles for your business? They do this to serve their audience and provide information about businesses, especially those tied to more of a local audience. These sites send their little spiders out to crawl and find information on websites and other platforms that make up your digital presence.

Did you also know you need to claim these profiles in order to control the information? This actually is preferred by these sites because then they can verify your business and provide more accurate information to their users.

These are also amazing free marketing tools because you can ensure that your things are always up to day and many of them allow some sort of way to highlight your services.

The key here is to make certain you are optimizing this opportunity and spending time on these business listings (sometimes referred to as local listings) that will give you the most value for your time and efforts.

NOTE: As with all things….there are paid marketing packages that each of these will offer and there are also services you can sign up for that will set these up for you and manage them.

Google My Business

In order to fully use the free tools that My Google Business has available, you will need to create a Google+ profile for your business and then also set up the Business Page that is then tied to your Google+ page (of course this is also tied to your YouTube and personal profile. You will need to verify your address by having Google send you a postcard to the physical address associated with your business. This postcard will have a verification code that will unlock your ability to fully optimize your listing.


Great for services-based businesses. If you are not familiar with Yelp already this is a community platform that allows consumers to leave feedback and rate their experiences and reviews. Simple setup…create an account, provide correct information about your business, and upload logo/images.

Yahoo Small Biz

This is one of the top sites that pulls up when consumers are searching for local services and businesses. This listing is a must so you can have control over the information that potential clients are seeing about your biz. Simple setup…create an account, provide correct information about your business, and upload logo/images.


This is how Yellow Pages came into the digital age. This is similar to the Yahoo listing, another way to take control over the information that is provided to the digital community. Simple setup…create an account, provide correct information about your business, and upload logo/images.


This is tied to Microsoft, so you will need to set up a specific login with Microsoft to then log in to this platform. Bing is a leader in digital marketing and is used as a primary browser landing page for many. In addition to their free listing, there are opportunities to advertise, which if you have some extra cash flow and time to test is a good place to put some marketing dollars. You will need to verify your location via phone number through either a call or text code.

Author: Amanda Goff

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