Reviewing Your Brand Foundation

Reviewing Your Brand Foundation

Each year I plan out time to review my brand, those foundational elements that I am relying on to form my story and shape my content. This helps me to stay in touch with my brand and be intentional.

Reviewing your brand foundation allows you to have clarity and confidence to step into that brand and garner visibility… that you can attract the people you want to work with.

Here is a check list of sorts to help you hit all the important parts:

You can also get a checklist download right here:

You Have Your Ideal Client’s Identified
Having you 3-4 ideal clients helps you have more focused marketing and attract the right people without confusion.

You Know Your Why Statement
What is your WHY? This is the purpose, cause or belief that lights you up and keeps you going. It is the reason you do what you do. And knowing your WHY gives you, clarity, direction and a filter to make choices while giving you the ability to inspire those around you. Your WHY is crucial to your story. Without a defined WHY your story will be aimless and confusing to your potential clients.

You Have Your Core Values Written Down
Your core values are the framework of your business’s foundation and lay the expectations of how you behave and inform your staff, vendors and customer of what to expect in your business. These values are key in creating the culture of your company and are deeply held values that do not change over time.

You Know Your Vision Statement
A Vision Statement is an intentional…specific…vivid description of where you see your brand and business in the future. Your vision statement should capture what you want your business to be and where you are headed. Think of it as a compass to keep you heading in the right direction. It can help you measure your progress and set goals.

You Have Identified Your USP (Unique Selling Points)
This is what you may have heard called a Unique Selling Points, Unique Sales Proposition, or USP. A strong USP clearly articulates your brand’s specific value and what problems you can solve.  Something that the other competitors don’t offer – that makes you stand out. NOTE: This typically becomes your tagline.

You Have Your About & Description Written
When you have these written out and in one place you have a base to work from all your marketing to be consistent.

You Know Your Brand Voice
Brand voice is the way you talk to your customers and is defined by your brand’s style of communication. Your brand voice is directed to your target audience, and it can have any style, as long as it feels true to your brand values and persona—be it authoritative, playful, intellectual, ominous, kind or fun.

You Know The Color & Font Theory Behind Your Brand
Color theory is both the science and art of using color. It explains how humans perceive color; and the visual effects of how colors mix, match or contrast with each other. Color theory also involves the messages colors communicate; and the methods used to replicate color.

Author: Amanda Goff

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