Get Over It and Start Telling Your Story

Get Over It and Start Telling Your Story

You may think that your story is not important…well, get over it. Allowing a bit of your personal side and “pulling the curtain” to see behind the scenes is one of the most attractive things you can offer to potential clients. Why? Because of the connection that is made, they feel like they are part of something.

Think about it, who is someone online that you follow consistently. Why do you do this? Likely it is because have made a connection and something about them resonates with you.

What you need to do is put yourself in your client’s shoes (of course you do need to know who your ideal client are first) and start to see you and your brand through their eyes, realize that your marketing is about how they feel. So getting over the fact that you don’t feel your story is important is the first step in all of this.

But of course there is one other sneaky thing you need to get over and I have some steps to help.

Once you get to a space where you are willing to tell your story, the next hitching point is that business owners are not sure how to tell their story so that it is authentic, but also professional.

While this is a reasonable concern, it comes down to being honest about the brand you want to build and your preferred way to communicate in your marketing…then will shape your story and get it out there.

To help you out a bit, here are 3 things that will help guide you in this process:

#1: Choose Your Style of Communication
For example, if you are sassy and bold naturally, then likely you need to use this as a strength in your marketing. However you do need to know how far into that style you want to go. Letting your natural personality to shine through is important, but make sure it is balanced enough and not something that will drive away the clients you are seeking to attract.

Brainstorm all the adjectives that describe natural style. Then select the 4-5 that you resonate with. Would these resonate with your ideal clients? To find out ask some of your trusted clients how they describe your style…this is good market research.

#2: Choose What Details to Share & What Is TMI
You need to share your story, but you don’t have to share everything (nor do you want to). For your story you will need to decide the balance between what is authentic to you, what is too much information and what is best for your brand.

#3: Decide The Way You Want to Start Sharing And Do It Consistently
You need to choose the format that makes you the most comfortable, otherwise you will avoid it. So if you love video, then capture your story this way. And knowing this is not most people’s first choice you can also do a series with images and “fun facts about me”, which will allow you to introduce yourself in small bites.

Author: Amanda Goff

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