5 Ways to Show Up In Your Brand

5 Ways to Show Up In Your Brand

Have you heard the term “show up in your brand” before? This is a phrase is used a lot in marketing, but I know that it can be one of those concepts that is very broad and almost an enigma. So let’s break this down a bit.

First, what does showing up in your brand mean?

It really comes down to being authentic. It means sharing your story. It means being a little bold and having fun.

Second, why does it seem so hard to make this happen?

Well the reason why is because this process is different for every brand and will look different depending on your industry. It is also something that takes intentional planning as to how you want to share your story, who you want to attract as clients and overall the message you want to send through your brand.

As with many areas of running a business, if brand marketing is not your strong suit and if you struggle to generate ideas how to be seen, I would suggest hiring a professional brand strategist to help you with the overall journey.

But wait, don’t stop reading just yet…there are a few action steps you CAN implement right now.

Because regardless of all the specific details, showing up in your brand  is vital to your ability to attract the people you WANT to work with.

Here are 5 ways to show up in your brand and start authentically sharing your story:

reason is because people what to see the same person in person or on that video call, as they do online. When there is a mismatch in the visuals vs real life it can cause a subconscious mistrust.

2 – Update your About / Story / Description across all your social profile with a short bio about yourself. Use this opportunity to share a bit of personality, why you do what you do and also to share a bit of your story. Talk to your ideal client, share with them. Also make sure that what you have in one place is similar or the same as all your other platforms.

3 – Make sure that YOU are in some of your social posts. These do not have to be selfies per say…but be sure that you share your day and what you do with your audience.

4 – Use video so your audience can hear your voice. This could be LIVE or pre-recorded. This can be you speaking to the camera or maybe just a voice over as you share with the audience. Whatever your choice…start using some sort of video.

5 – Contribute online in ways that make sense for your brand. This could be offering valuable content on social groups, guest blogging, appearing on a video or podcast…the sky’s the limit, get creative. They key with this one is that you begin to represent your brand on other people’s platforms, which will help you gain a wider reach.

BONUS TIP: Be consistent in everything you do. This will help your audience know what to expect and start looking forward to it.

In conclusion…

try to do everything and get yourself overwhelmed…cause you will not do anything.

Don’t hide in your comfort zone…even a slight push to share will give you a starting point.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Do sort out what you like to do or what you can hire someone to help you with.

Do make a plan and tackle one thing at a time until you are doing it consistently.

Do have fun and share the real you.

Author: Amanda Goff

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