5 Ways to Up Your Game When Creating Your Own Image Content

5 Ways to Up Your Game When Creating Your Own Image Content

One killer way to make gain trust from potential clients, attract the people you want to work with and authentically share your brand in a visual way is to capture your own images. This does not have to be complicated or be a string of selfies, it just needs to be content that shares your story.

So what is stopping you?

I get it…you may be concerned that you no nothing about photography or that you are not really creative. Well, it does take time to get the hang of things and it does mean that you will take several photos to get to one that you will post. But that is true for all photographers as they are starting out or trying something new. The other thing that has to happen is that you just need to actually do it…go figure.

To help out…here are what I feel are the top five ways that will help guide you in capturing more interesting images and better market your business in a visual way.

#1 – Capture the Little Things
The things you think are plain and familiar are often fascinating to your followers. They are common to you, but they are new to everyone else.

#2 – Natural Light is Best
Any time you can use natural light (especially on a cloudy day or if there is a curtain to diffuse the light) you are capturing your subject in a way that is subconsciously comforting and appealing to the viewer because it is closer to how they would see it with their own eyes. Flash or artificial light is okay and can even offer some creativity, but use natural light if it is available

#3 – You Do Not Need to Capture the Whole Picture
You leaving something to the imagination when you focus on a specific detail. It triggers curiosity and cause viewers to want to know more.

#4 – Add Level and Depth to Your Set-up
This just straight up looks more interesting. Our eyes like texture and to see how objects are relative to others. It allows our minds to notice more details because it has more to look for.

#5 – Have Fun and Play….You Never Know What You May Capture
Get down at a low angle. Get up on a step stool. Shoot through other objects. The more you just play, the more chances you will have interesting images.

Author: Amanda Goff
Images from a 2020 Shoot for Lux Artistry Collective

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