5 Ways to Re-Purpose Your Unique Content

5 Ways to Re-Purpose Your Unique Content

Do you have a blog? Do you make videos or go LIVE on social? Do you create fun unique images to market your biz?

Well then you have a library of content likely sitting there that you can re-purpose and re-use and make it work a little harder for you.

This is something that I personally am making a priority and am passionate to help others do as well.

Here are 5 ways that you can re-purpose your unique content:

#1: Download Your LIVE Videos
Once you have these downloaded you can take them over to a YouTube or video channel to create a library of content. This will give you more control and allow you to share these videos in other ways.

#2: Use Your Blog Post for Post Content
You can take an article and break up the information into small bites. For example a blog post like this can be 5 separate social posts over several weeks.

#3: Leverage Pinterest For It’s Search Engine Qualities
Did you know that Pinterest is one of the top search able platforms? So use that to your advantage. You can take video, article or freebie and create a searchable pin. To Do This: Create a board with common theme; Upload a unique image that is related to your content; Link the image to where you want to point people to.

#4: Share With Your E-Newsletter Community
An email newsletter is a perfect way share any of your content. Your community / followers love to hear from you and get to know what you do. PLUS it allows you to make it visual.

#5: Create Your Own Memes With Your Unique Images
You can use a program like Canva or Photoshop Express to create memes and quote images.

Author: Amanda Goff

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