5 Steps to Finding Your Brand Voice

5 Steps to Finding Your Brand Voice

To start out let’s define what a brand is.

brand is that unique element (symbol, logo, name, word or sentence) that a business uses to set themselves apart and attract their ideal clients. A brand identity is the collective of these elements and also includes the color pallet, font choices and a strategic editorial guide.

A brand voice is part of that brand identity as the unique personality of your brand through:  attitude, tone, consistency of word choice and the flavor in which you engage with your followers (digital and in person).

The brand voice is what flavors (or should) how you communicate your message and story.

And this story (like any story) has a message, way of talking, set of values, quirks and specific style that needs to carry through every aspect of what the outside world sees.

Here are 5 steps to dialing this in and finding your brand’s voice:

1 – Create and compile a list of what your brand is NOT
By identifying what you are not and what you do not want to have your brand associated with, you will know what to avoid. For example, if your brand is sassy and you want to appeal to a younger crowd, you would not want to necessarily have a voice that is too high level in language. Use as descriptive words as possible.

2 – Do some market research
Look in a market that is similar to yours and find what would be your “competition” or similar industries. Note what you like and use this for inspiration (you won’t copy…just get some ideas). Note what is common, repeated and seems blah…this you should avoid.

3 – Find your four words
Take some time to do a brainstorm and write down all the words that describe your brand and business. Be as colorful as possible. Then decide on the top 4 or 5 that you really resonate with. These are the starting point for your brand’s voice. From here you can take these words, find synonyms and dig deeper to find words that capture your your vibe.

4 – Assess your current brand elements
Your brand voice should be in every letter, email, social post, web presences, video and image. Assess everything you have currently out there representing your brand

5 – Get feedback from some trusted sources that will be honest
Listen and take in what people have to say. Often we get so into our business that we do not see the forest for the trees. Fresh eyes from those who will give constructive feedback is invaluable.

Does this all make sense, but you are not necessarily wanting to do this on your own. Well lets schedule a call and see how I can help you:

Author: Amanda Goff

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