2 Keys to Creating a Strong Visual Brand | Key #2 Finding Your Magic

2 Keys to Creating a Strong Visual Brand | Key #2 Finding Your Magic

“People will only do what they like to do, what they are comfortable accomplishing…all the rest it will be a struggle to get done”

This is all about how you choose to show up visually. This will need to be a magic mix of what you naturally LOVE to do and where you are willing to push yourself a bit. This takes time to figure out, but it is so valuable when you do.

For example:
Lets say you LOVE being on Instagram, it is your “happy place” and you are very comfortable on this platform. This will be where you start focusing your Visual Brand and really stepping up on this platform.

Now let’s say you know you need to be using the LIVE feature, but you have been avoiding it. You are sort of comfortable with being on camera, but you have not taken the time to bring this into your strategy. Well now it is time to push yourself.

See below for an exercise you can use to dig in and start finding your magic.


  • Open up a word doc and create a 3 column table OR you can use an excel doc
  • Input 3 headers:
    • Things You Love To Do
    • Things You Know You Should Be Doing
    • Things You Won’t Ever Do
  • Think about all the platforms you utilize, all the resources you have available, all the marketing tasks you are doing and all other ways that you can (or should) be marketing your specific business.
  • Then refine this down and sort into these three categories.
  • Once you have a completed list, circle the Top 4 tasks that are visual and will help you become more visible in to your ideal client.

This is the starting formula to your magic mix. Yes you are going to need to layer in more, but for now keep it simple and start DOING IT.

If this still seems a bit overwhelming or if you are struggling to niche down your WHO…lets chat!!! CONTACT ME HERE and lets hop on a DISCOVERY CALL and see how I can help.

Author: Amanda Goff

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