Why Using Unique Images and Video In Your Marketing Is Important

When you use an image or video in social media and share it around on your business page, you can get away with not having permission to post it. It is more ideal of course if you do, but that is kind of what social sharing is all about.

This is a totally different story when it comes to images or video for your blog, website and branded content. If you do not use images and video that you have the rights to use…you could be getting into the sticky…icky…legal things. It is a serious thing and you could be fined, loose access to your social platforms and even have your website shut down.

So you have two options:

#1 – Create Your Own Content
This of course is the most preferred way to go so you can ensure that you have the rights. Plus this allows you to really shape the look and visual brand consistently!!! This does take planning, some tools to give things polish, a bit of camera finesse and / or hiring a professional. But any cost involved is worth it and will keep you out of trouble.

#2 – Use Royalty-free Stock Content
This is the next best option and not a bad one. Plus it is easy and quick. PLEASE NOTE: You do need images that contain you and your biz at some point and be sure that you understand the use license from the site you are downloading from. If you will be using it for print or distribution, be sure you are allowed to do so.

Here are some sites with FREE stock images
(free video is not a wise idea)

Morgue File

Here are some sites where you can PURCHASE stock images and video:

Getty Images

Author: Amanda Goff