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Are you a little fuzzy when it comes to your business foundation and brand visibility?

Are You Ready to Unlock Your Story & Step Into Clarity?

Silver Keys Media has a unique process to help bring business clarity, help you identify your ideal client (no…it is not everybody) and refine your brand’s story to attract the type of people that you WANT to work with.

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Lock-in Your Business Foundation & Unlock Your Visual Brand

Lets Work 1:1
Private Mentorship

We will work together to lock in your BUSINESS FOUNDATION, dial into your BRAND’S STORY, unlock what is AUTHENTICALLY YOU you and create a full strategy to attract the people you WANT to work with. 

  • Stop second guessing what you should post to market your business
  • Be crystal clear on your messaging
  • Keep up with the times and have confidence in telling your brand & biz story visually
  • Stop wasting time on filtering leads

How Do You Get Started?

First you will fill out this form (CLICK HERE) and then we will have a call to determine where you are at and where you need help. You may need my full program or may only need a few session to dial in some specific areas. Please send me an email (amanda @ silverkeysmedia.com) and we can get started!

Here is What the FULL Program Looks Like:

  • Private 1:1 Mentorship Sessions (Zoom)
  • Our team will work with you to through all modules
  • Workbooks and resources
  • Action Plans to help you apply everything we are doing
  • Goals and deadline structure to get you through the process
  • Accountability to get you started and keep you going
  • Recordings of all calls
  • A team that will help you shape your business foundation and visual brand

    Module 1: Before You….

  • Creating your Business Foundation
  • Core Values and Action Principles
  • Your WHY
  • What Sets Your Business Apart
  • Your Ideal Client
  • Vision Statement

    Module 2:  Unlocking Your Brand Story

  • Finding Your Brand’s Voice
  • Shaping Your Client’s Journey
  • Discover Where You Fit In Your Brand’s Story
  • Creating Your Editorial Guide
    (All the words used for web copy, social media profiles, print marketing)

    Module 3: Get Visual With Your Brand
  • The Key Elements of Your Visual Marketing
  • Creating a Strong Strategy
  • Creating a Visual Brand Guide

    Module 4: Putting it All Together

Shoot Us A Message

Shoot Us A Message

Breathe Life Into Your Brand Visually

360-213-5112 or amanda @ silverkeysmedia.com

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