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Are you attracting you ideal client?

OR are you a little fuzzy when it comes to all of that

Silver Keys Media has a unique process to help bring business clarity, help you identify your ideal client (no…it is not everybody) and refine your brand’s story to attract the type of people that you WANT to work with.

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Lets’s Dial in Your Brand’s Identity, Get You More Visual & Visible…So That You Can Attract The People You Want To Work With

There are a few ways we can make this happen:

Email ( or Call/Text 360-213-5112 to set up a FREE discovery call.

1:1 Process to Unlock Your Visual Brand

This is a full process to refine and create a intentional design for your brand and business. It will result in a solid brand foundation (values, vision, why and more), a clear story and a visual brand strategy.

You will walk away with a completed Editorial Guide (all your words), Visual Brand Guide (your visual elements organized) and a Marketing Plan how to implement it all. You also get access to the full video course and resource tools library.

Customized Strategy Session

This is a single or customized set of sessions that meets you where you are at. It is designed to help you dial in one specific area of your brand, unpack your story or create a marketing strategy for your business.

Unlock Your Visual Brand Group Mastermind + Video Course

This is the same program as in the 1:1 Process, but in a group setting. PLUS in additionl you get access to a private online comminunity for support through the journey.

Unlock Your Visual Brand Video Course

Access to the full UYVB video course and access to a private online comminunity for support through the journey.

Connect with Amanda To Learn More or Book A Discovery Call

Breathe Life Into Your Brand Visually
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