The Anatomy of a Visual Brand Plan (TM)

As the saying goes. if you fail to plan…you plan to fail (Benjamin Franklin). When it comes to business most people are familiar with biz plans and marketing plans, but it is also important to plan out how you want to tell your story visually. Visual marketing and brand creation is part of where we are now at in our lovely age of technology and high connectivity.

By having a strategy in place you can: track what you are doing; have an idea of what is working and make the changes you need to in order to attract your ideal clients.

So to help you out, here is my quirky overview / anatomy of  what you might have in your Visual Brand Plan:

The Bones: These are the key elements that make up your brand’s story. These are not visual, but the foundation that all your visuals will be built on. This would include things like your Ideal Client, Core Values, WHY, the things that make you unique and you specific Voice. These “bones” are what your story and visual brand should be built on.

[if this is not something you have thought about yet…check out a couple of the programs I offer to help you through this process:]

The Nerves: These are the visual specifications you have chosen to consistently tell your story (both consciously and sub-consciously). They are fashioned together throughout your whole visual brand to bring it all together. Things like the color pallet you select, the typography you use, the style of images you create…these are truly the “nervous system” of constants that should be working together and communicating the same message. Think “Style Guide” and “Mood Board”.

The Muscles: These are the actual visual components to tell your story in a dynamic way. Your images (web, social, print), video (welcome, about, training, LIVEs, promotion) and graphics are what people will engage with. These should be elements that are driven by and checking in which the “bones” and “nerves” of the plan.

The Brain: This is the how, where and how often. The “brain” of your plan also has some checks and balances so that you can make tweaks and changes as needed.

The Heart: This is YOU!!! You need to make sure that you are flowing through this plan. That YOUR IDEAL CLIENT is being addressed and that YOUR STORY is being told.


Author: Amanda Goff