5 Ways to Finish Strong & Kick Ass in the New Year

How is it already the end of the year?

I think that thought every time the beginning of December rolls around. Well this year is not different, but this time I do not have that twinge of panic. Why? Because I have decided this year to incorporate some SMART planning into place.

What is SMART planning? Well check out see for yourself below.

(1) Specific
Be specific in your planning. The more specific you are the better you can map out the steps to accomplish your goals. This means that you need to be very clear on what you want and how you are going to get it. We often think by being general in our planning that it is more attainable, but it then become difficult to make the next thing happen.


(2) Measurable
When you can measure your progress, you will know what still needs to happen or where you might need to tweak things to improve your success. This applies to planning, marketing, social engagement and even your process in how you do what you do. There are tons of ways to measure…so many that it can make your head spin. So take it a step at a time to implement these so you can be sure you have the right fit. Here are some ideas:

HootSuite (Social Media)
Google Analytics (Social Media; Website)
Basecamp (Business Tasks & Goals)
Tello (Workflow)
Streak (CRM, Workflow, Business Tasks)

(3) Achievable
It is so important to be to achieve the goals that you set. So you need to then figure out what that means to you. When you begin, jot down anything and everything…don’t limit yourself. Then go back over it, refine it and set time tables that will be…(see #4)

(4) Realistic
Be realistic. It is easy to get excited and make all sorts of plans, but logic has to step in and help guide the way.

(5) Timely
As  you finalize your goals and plan ask yourself…is this a good use of my time and useful in moving me forward in my business? Kinds of seems common sense, but excitement for a certain project can cloud judgement…So let some time pass before you make the call on how timely things are.

So there you have it! These 5 ways of planning and handling my business has made a world of difference to helping me feel like I have my head screwed and the I can kick ass the New Year.

What’s the Difference Between a Facebook Business Page & a Personal Profile?

If you are on social media at all, then you almost definitely have a Facebook profile. And if you own a business, then you likely have a business page or at least you have thought about it getting one.

I am often asked, especially as clients are ramping up their visual storytelling, what is the difference between my Facebook Business Page and my Personal Profile?

Well they both have their place and you should manage them in their own way…but they are both being seen by potential clients.

Many people think that if they “lock” down their personal profile, that they have a bit of safety in posting more personal opinions and content. That their personal profile will not really impact their business page.

Well this could not be farther from the truth!

Whatever you put out there online is out there…all of it.

It is not just friends and family that will look at your personal profile. Current clients and potential ones will snoop and find out who you are. They will look at your business page and compare it. Why? Because people want to connect personally with those they choose to do business with.

So what does this mean? Well it means that as a business owner that is marketing online you need to be intentional about what you post anywhere online.

This does not mean that you can’t share personal things on your personal profile. You should do that…however you may want to hold back a bit on sharing pics that might not be in line with an image you would want your business associated with. Or maybe keep some of your stronger opinions for in person conversations.

Whatever you choose to do, just be mindful of what you put out there in the world wide interwebs.

Marketing Yourself While Being Realistic

As a small business owner you wear many hats. You do the work, manage the books, pull the trigger on your marketing….it can be a lot. One of the first things have my clients do is to tell me what they are doing for their marketing and then we talk about what makes them happy…and what is purely a chore.

Marketing your business is different for everyone and there is no magic formula. The key to figuring it all out is to look at what is realistic for you. What? Realistic…what does that mean? Well that means you need to access the time you have, what you enjoy doing and what you can leverage to others. This may mean you need to pay someone to pick up the tasks you do not like or do not have time for, but by taking the time to think it through you can make an educated decision.

Marketing Yourself

Here are a few tips that will help you along the way to make this assessment:

  • Social Media: Do you like social media, know how to use it and have at least 2 hrs a week to manage it? Keep in mind, you do not have to be on every social profile, choose what fits your business and ability to use.
  • Email Marketing: Do you have a way to capture customer contact information? Do you have content that you can send regularly (bi-monthly or monthly)? Do you have the ability to pay for a management system?
  • Digital Ads: Do you know how to do basic design? Do you understand Google Ads, Facebook Ads or any other ad platform? Do you have at least 45 minutes a day to check in and manage ads (this can be less on one and more on another)?
  • Blogging: Do you like to write? Do you have the unique content needed to maintain regular blogging? Do you have at least an hour a week to manage this?

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