Key Conversations with Amanda Goff | Episode 9

Is it time to get your swag on?

Episode 9 | 2.6.2020

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This series is a way for me (Amanda) to share all the amazing people I meet in my networking adventures. It is designed to promote life balance, help entrepreneurs and biz professionals be more successful & bring you the latest / greatest in digital technology.

Host: Amanda C Goff (Visual Ninja, Strategist & Mentor)

Guest: Jamie Young (Swag Strategist)

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Printable Annual Gifting Guide:
Printable 5 Step Gift Marketing Guide:

In a high tech world, where low touch has volumes and has become the norm, the marketplace is craving connection. So gift Marketing is a very thoughtful, relationship building marketing plan, that allows you stand out from the crowd… brings you TOP of mind, and when done properly…with great strategy…with an ROI that’s hard to beat. I take my client through the Swag, Strategy & Sales Program (I like to call Gift Marketing Method)

1.) Crystal Clear Marketing & Sales Goals
2.) Live Events and their POWER
3.) Social Media & Snail Mail Sales Strategy (Mail is NOT 1985 anymore)
4.) Renewals, Referrals and Retention Sales Strategy
5.) The Gift Marketing Roadmap & Full Strategy

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