Key Conversations with Amanda Goff | Episode 2

Will You Make Me Bark Like a Dog?

Episode 2 | 6.6.19

Host: Amanda C Goff (Visual Strategies)

Guest: Lani Watkins (Hypnotherapist)

Curious about hypnosis? Think hypnotherapy might be the answer for you, but kind not sure how to find out. Well Lani is offering a FREE phone consultation: 360-721-4115 or She can see patients in person or digitally through Zoom.

This series is a way for me (Amanda) to share all the amazing people I meet in my networking adventures. It is designed to promote life balance, help entrepreneurs and biz professionals be more successful & bring you the latest / greatest in digital technology.

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0:00:05.420,0:00:10.710  welcome everyone to key conversations    0:00:08.610,0:00:13.889  with Amanda Goff thank you so much for    0:00:10.710,0:00:17.250  tuning and I am so excited for today’s    0:00:13.889,0:00:18.720  guest Lonny Watkins we have been    0:00:17.250,0:00:22.020  networking for the last couple years    0:00:18.720,0:00:23.939  together and we’ve just gotten to know    0:00:22.020,0:00:27.090  each other a lot better over the last    0:00:23.939,0:00:29.310  probably six months really in a couple    0:00:27.090,0:00:31.880  smaller more intimate networking groups    0:00:29.310,0:00:35.850  and I am so excited for her to share    0:00:31.880,0:00:38.969  what she does and why it’s something    0:00:35.850,0:00:40.770  that we all should be maybe checking out    0:00:38.969,0:00:44.820  as an option she is a hypnotherapist    0:00:40.770,0:00:47.219  here in Clark County Washington and she    0:00:44.820,0:00:50.840  also works with people outside of that    0:00:47.219,0:00:53.340  digitally so it’s an amazing thing that    0:00:50.840,0:00:56.160  you know this gift that we have here in    0:00:53.340,0:00:59.969  Clark County Washington with her mommy    0:00:56.160,0:01:01.980  welcome why don’t you yeah what you tell    0:00:59.969,0:01:05.489  everyone a little bit about yourself and    0:01:01.980,0:01:10.080  why you do what you do so I’m a single    0:01:05.489,0:01:12.420  mom of two amazing voice and got my    0:01:10.080,0:01:14.820  master’s degree in 2013 from George Fox    0:01:12.420,0:01:17.909  in clinical mental health counseling    0:01:14.820,0:01:20.009  started a counseling practice and found    0:01:17.909,0:01:22.680  that it just wasn’t feeding my soul the    0:01:20.009,0:01:24.930  way I thought it was I love school and I    0:01:22.680,0:01:27.570  loved working with individuals who    0:01:24.930,0:01:30.000  really needed the help but there was    0:01:27.570,0:01:32.189  something missing and so I really waited    0:01:30.000,0:01:34.170  my life and what direction I was going    0:01:32.189,0:01:35.909  and I had an epiphany I remembered that    0:01:34.170,0:01:38.159  I went to a hypnotherapist for my    0:01:35.909,0:01:40.619  codependency issues and it worked    0:01:38.159,0:01:41.850  amazingly well along with my counseling    0:01:40.619,0:01:45.810  or counselor because I was actually    0:01:41.850,0:01:47.280  seeing a counselor too and I wonder what    0:01:45.810,0:01:48.750  it would take for me to do the same    0:01:47.280,0:01:51.689  thing and help people with this    0:01:48.750,0:01:54.090  particular modality did my research and    0:01:51.689,0:01:56.610  found the North West clinical or    0:01:54.090,0:01:59.759  hypnosis Institute out in Milwaukie    0:01:56.610,0:02:02.549  Oregon and did over a hundred and fifty    0:01:59.759,0:02:04.860  hours of coursework fell in love with it    0:02:02.549,0:02:08.520  and actually found out that I was pretty    0:02:04.860,0:02:10.679  darn good at what I do so close down my    0:02:08.520,0:02:12.480  counseling practice and reopened as they    0:02:10.679,0:02:13.720  hypnotherapist and haven’t looked back    0:02:12.480,0:02:16.300  because I just    0:02:13.720,0:02:18.130  I love this note I love the fact that    0:02:16.300,0:02:20.740  people leave my office feeling peaceful    0:02:18.130,0:02:24.580  and feeling hopeful even though we’ve    0:02:20.740,0:02:25.960  dug up a lot of skeletons and some    0:02:24.580,0:02:28.000  really bad trauma    0:02:25.960,0:02:30.670  the bottom line is a leave feeling I’m    0:02:28.000,0:02:32.680  really positive and that’s that’s a huge    0:02:30.670,0:02:36.610  takeaway for me that sounds like that    0:02:32.680,0:02:39.010  really just not only feeds your soul but    0:02:36.610,0:02:41.050  you’re helping so many people in in a    0:02:39.010,0:02:43.360  way that I think often is really    0:02:41.050,0:02:45.040  misunderstood and that’s partially why    0:02:43.360,0:02:49.120  I’m really excited to have you here is    0:02:45.040,0:02:50.980  that we were chatting about you sharing    0:02:49.120,0:02:54.900  some of those myths that are behind    0:02:50.980,0:02:57.250  hypnosis that maybe scare people from    0:02:54.900,0:02:58.810  even wanting to try it when it could be    0:02:57.250,0:03:01.750  something that would be very helpful to    0:02:58.810,0:03:03.340  them so what are a few things that have    0:03:01.750,0:03:07.330  you’ve come across that you’ve really    0:03:03.340,0:03:10.570  had to educate and dispel when talking    0:03:07.330,0:03:12.670  with people about hypnosis oh all the    0:03:10.570,0:03:16.210  time I get are you gonna make me bark    0:03:12.670,0:03:18.400  like a dog when they hear a bell or my    0:03:16.210,0:03:20.020  favorite is are you going to make me do    0:03:18.400,0:03:22.900  something that I don’t want to do it’s a    0:03:20.020,0:03:26.110  control thing and what a lot of people    0:03:22.900,0:03:31.720  don’t realize is they are 100% in    0:03:26.110,0:03:34.090  control 100% I can’t make anyone do    0:03:31.720,0:03:35.470  anything that they don’t want to do that    0:03:34.090,0:03:38.170  is the bottom line and that’s the very    0:03:35.470,0:03:39.989  first thing that I talk about and I    0:03:38.170,0:03:42.700  think what happens is people see    0:03:39.989,0:03:46.150  hypnosis in movies they see    0:03:42.700,0:03:48.430  entertainment hypnosis and we’ll address    0:03:46.150,0:03:51.070  the entertainment hypnosis first and    0:03:48.430,0:03:52.959  foremost so entertainment hypnosis    0:03:51.070,0:03:54.780  they’re looking for audience volunteers    0:03:52.959,0:03:57.459  so these are people who already know    0:03:54.780,0:03:59.260  that they’re going to be on stage and    0:03:57.459,0:04:01.209  they’re going to be made fools of    0:03:59.260,0:04:03.850  themselves in front of a bunch of people    0:04:01.209,0:04:06.340  so it’s not like these people don’t know    0:04:03.850,0:04:09.400  what to expect they already know yeah so    0:04:06.340,0:04:12.519  there are selected just by volunteering    0:04:09.400,0:04:14.620  themselves to be upon in this little    0:04:12.519,0:04:16.720  hypnosis game and then if you actually    0:04:14.620,0:04:18.970  watch a hypnotherapist that is an    0:04:16.720,0:04:21.190  entertainer will actually filter through    0:04:18.970,0:04:24.370  those volunteers to find really quality    0:04:21.190,0:04:27.580  people who are easy to induce and will    0:04:24.370,0:04:29.560  follow along so if you don’t    0:04:27.580,0:04:32.289  want to volunteer you’re not going to be    0:04:29.560,0:04:34.680  controlled by hypnosis the second myth    0:04:32.289,0:04:37.120  is what you see in movies you see like    0:04:34.680,0:04:40.599  whether there’s a recent movie that it    0:04:37.120,0:04:42.310  was kind of a horror movie about this    0:04:40.599,0:04:43.750  young black man I haven’t seen that    0:04:42.310,0:04:47.770  movie yet because I don’t like to    0:04:43.750,0:04:50.110  entertain that kind of a Amit and that    0:04:47.770,0:04:52.509  people can use hypnosis to manipulate    0:04:50.110,0:04:53.830  and control others to do either horrible    0:04:52.509,0:04:56.949  things or things that they really don’t    0:04:53.830,0:04:59.590  want to do and that’s not true    0:04:56.949,0:05:01.900  the reason why it’s not true I compare    0:04:59.590,0:05:05.110  trance state to that state of just kind    0:05:01.900,0:05:07.539  of being zoned out and when we’re zoned    0:05:05.110,0:05:09.430  out if someone were to tell you your    0:05:07.539,0:05:10.000  house is on fire you would snap out of    0:05:09.430,0:05:11.949  it    0:05:10.000,0:05:13.509  same thing in my office if I were to    0:05:11.949,0:05:15.250  tell a client give me all your money    0:05:13.509,0:05:17.409  they would snap out of it because that’s    0:05:15.250,0:05:20.469  not something that we agreed upon yeah    0:05:17.409,0:05:24.400  however if they’re like I really want to    0:05:20.469,0:05:27.039  lose weight and they have the desire but    0:05:24.400,0:05:29.289  they just need that extra edge then    0:05:27.039,0:05:31.150  absolutely I can help with that and we    0:05:29.289,0:05:33.069  work through whatever their blocks are    0:05:31.150,0:05:38.020  remove those blocks and give them extra    0:05:33.069,0:05:40.050  motivation to lose weight that’s yeah    0:05:38.020,0:05:42.610  and I think that was really helpful to    0:05:40.050,0:05:45.879  you know have those examples because I    0:05:42.610,0:05:47.949  think that is what we all associate for    0:05:45.879,0:05:53.080  the most part we’ve kind of been I guess    0:05:47.949,0:05:54.699  programmed yep and you know like you    0:05:53.080,0:05:57.129  were talking about the stage hypnosis or    0:05:54.699,0:06:00.060  Entertainment has gnosis I’ve I’ve    0:05:57.129,0:06:04.060  experienced that myself and I    0:06:00.060,0:06:05.529  volunteered and and he went through you    0:06:04.060,0:06:07.839  know I couldn’t see what he was doing    0:06:05.529,0:06:10.240  but my husband told me later but you    0:06:07.839,0:06:15.940  know he told me you know thanks no    0:06:10.240,0:06:17.050  thanks yeah audience and it was just you    0:06:15.940,0:06:20.020  know you could tell it was a very    0:06:17.050,0:06:21.849  specific process because they they need    0:06:20.020,0:06:25.050  to have like you said those people that    0:06:21.849,0:06:27.370  are totally willing to commit to    0:06:25.050,0:06:32.440  whatever that is that they’re gonna be    0:06:27.370,0:06:34.300  asked to do absolutely and it’s also the    0:06:32.440,0:06:37.060  level of step that they can get you in    0:06:34.300,0:06:38.830  and very quick amount of time because a    0:06:37.060,0:06:40.479  lot of people can be induced really    0:06:38.830,0:06:41.060  quickly and go really deep to where they    0:06:40.479,0:06:43.910  don’t have    0:06:41.060,0:06:45.860  collection so it’s not a matter of fault    0:06:43.910,0:06:47.960  just following along is also going deep    0:06:45.860,0:06:50.780  fast because they don’t have time on    0:06:47.960,0:06:52.580  stage to wait a good 5-10 minutes for    0:06:50.780,0:06:53.840  you to enter that perfect state of    0:06:52.580,0:06:57.380  trance that they can really manipulate    0:06:53.840,0:06:59.630  you they have a split second and if    0:06:57.380,0:07:02.120  you’re not quick and easy to to get to    0:06:59.630,0:07:06.410  that point and you get put in the    0:07:02.120,0:07:09.770  audience yes yeah absolutely but it does    0:07:06.410,0:07:14.120  show you the power of if you are seeking    0:07:09.770,0:07:16.790  hypnosis to treat and like you said it’s    0:07:14.120,0:07:19.760  with you it’s a state you know you you    0:07:16.790,0:07:22.040  talk about it it’s agreed upon and you    0:07:19.760,0:07:26.600  know there’s a lot of power in our mind    0:07:22.040,0:07:33.620  of making changes or or shifting our    0:07:26.600,0:07:36.590  brain Absalom yeah and so the analogy I    0:07:33.620,0:07:39.229  use is the placebo effect there have    0:07:36.590,0:07:42.020  been countless studies that show that    0:07:39.229,0:07:45.770  there’s a high efficiency rate and    0:07:42.020,0:07:48.080  effective rate using a placebo so if    0:07:45.770,0:07:51.229  we’re just using sugar pills to help    0:07:48.080,0:07:52.940  people with pain and other ailments that    0:07:51.229,0:07:54.440  used to say that hypnosis is any    0:07:52.940,0:07:56.539  difference in fact I think it’s more    0:07:54.440,0:07:59.990  powerful than the placebo effect because    0:07:56.539,0:08:02.419  it empowers the client to make those    0:07:59.990,0:08:05.390  changes to make those shifts and to    0:08:02.419,0:08:08.090  really control themselves and control    0:08:05.390,0:08:11.380  what they’re experiencing is huge that’s    0:08:08.090,0:08:14.930  a game-changer to me absolutely    0:08:11.380,0:08:17.690  absolutely so what would you tell    0:08:14.930,0:08:20.870  someone who’s been you know kind of    0:08:17.690,0:08:23.570  interested not sure maybe they’ve hit a    0:08:20.870,0:08:25.639  wall with a lot of other you know    0:08:23.570,0:08:27.800  techniques out there like you you    0:08:25.639,0:08:31.070  brought up losing weight and I know    0:08:27.800,0:08:33.589  worse that’s a struggle for many many    0:08:31.070,0:08:38.479  people and they try this not the other    0:08:33.589,0:08:40.279  thing what would you tell them that that    0:08:38.479,0:08:46.070  might get them to maybe consider    0:08:40.279,0:08:48.560  hypnosis well is for those who associate    0:08:46.070,0:08:52.730  yo-yo dieters the people who are like I    0:08:48.560,0:08:54.770  tried I lost the weight and for some    0:08:52.730,0:08:58.790  weird reason I gained it back or    0:08:54.770,0:09:01.520  another one is I want to play just I’m    0:08:58.790,0:09:03.980  not feeling motivated to go to the gym    0:09:01.520,0:09:06.020  I’m not feeling motivated to change my    0:09:03.980,0:09:09.170  diets but it’s something that they    0:09:06.020,0:09:11.360  really want for those that are just on    0:09:09.170,0:09:13.279  the cusp and don’t have the motivation    0:09:11.360,0:09:16.430  what I look at as I look at the    0:09:13.279,0:09:19.130  emotional reason why are you holding on    0:09:16.430,0:09:21.890  to the weight does the weight serve a    0:09:19.130,0:09:23.870  purpose emotionally for me I gained a    0:09:21.890,0:09:27.140  lot of weight when I was working with    0:09:23.870,0:09:29.570  sexual assaults survivors and it was a    0:09:27.140,0:09:32.360  lot of stress and for me the weights    0:09:29.570,0:09:34.010  felt like no protection it felt like I    0:09:32.360,0:09:35.750  was going to be protecting myself from    0:09:34.010,0:09:37.399  being assaulted which logically you’re    0:09:35.750,0:09:40.070  like well it doesn’t matter what size    0:09:37.399,0:09:42.520  you are but on an emotional level and    0:09:40.070,0:09:44.600  that’s the level that we react from    0:09:42.520,0:09:47.149  emotional level I believe that was true    0:09:44.600,0:09:49.760  so there was no way I was going to lose    0:09:47.149,0:09:53.000  weight and not be protected from sexual    0:09:49.760,0:09:55.160  assaults once I reprogrammed my brain to    0:09:53.000,0:09:58.070  accept that the truth and the facts are    0:09:55.160,0:10:00.589  but I’m strong as I am and I can be    0:09:58.070,0:10:02.899  strong at a smaller size and more    0:10:00.589,0:10:05.810  empowered then the weight just starts to    0:10:02.899,0:10:07.760  come off then I get the motivation I get    0:10:05.810,0:10:10.850  up every morning at 6 a.m. and do the    0:10:07.760,0:10:13.310  workouts I eat healthy and very mindful    0:10:10.850,0:10:14.690  of what I eat and consume and the    0:10:13.310,0:10:17.360  weights just coming off easily and    0:10:14.690,0:10:19.579  effortlessly another thing that I do for    0:10:17.360,0:10:21.860  that is it add suggestions suggestions    0:10:19.579,0:10:25.360  are like when you hear a bell you bark    0:10:21.860,0:10:27.709  like a dog for weight loss that would be    0:10:25.360,0:10:30.110  when you’re hungry you tune into what    0:10:27.709,0:10:33.470  fuels your body and what your body truly    0:10:30.110,0:10:35.029  means not what you want emotionally so    0:10:33.470,0:10:36.529  then you’ll start to gravitate towards    0:10:35.029,0:10:39.260  the fears that you never probably even    0:10:36.529,0:10:39.920  thought of before I started creating    0:10:39.260,0:10:41.570  beats    0:10:39.920,0:10:43.579  I have no idea I probably have to talk    0:10:41.570,0:10:45.589  to some kind of nutritionist to find out    0:10:43.579,0:10:47.360  why I’m creating beats but I’m starting    0:10:45.589,0:10:49.430  to crave foods that my body really needs    0:10:47.360,0:10:51.920  and really tuning and listening to my    0:10:49.430,0:10:54.800  body itself rather than listening to the    0:10:51.920,0:10:57.610  emotional impact of whatever story it is    0:10:54.800,0:11:03.230  I’m telling myself to keep the weight on    0:10:57.610,0:11:05.850  that’s amazing yeah so I know we chatted    0:11:03.230,0:11:09.090  a little bit about this    0:11:05.850,0:11:10.830  but I know that you also help people so    0:11:09.090,0:11:13.380  it sounds like you know that’s part of    0:11:10.830,0:11:15.540  them meeting with you but you train the    0:11:13.380,0:11:17.790  train people to kind of have the ability    0:11:15.540,0:11:20.570  to take these things home and practice    0:11:17.790,0:11:21.990  them at home a little bit of like    0:11:20.570,0:11:25.170  self-hypnosis    0:11:21.990,0:11:27.170  so they can manage day to day    0:11:25.170,0:11:31.710  can you tell us a little bit about that    0:11:27.170,0:11:34.050  so self hypnosis is way easier than what    0:11:31.710,0:11:35.670  I initially thought it was and probably    0:11:34.050,0:11:37.770  what you guys are thinking as well    0:11:35.670,0:11:39.960  cells of gnosis is getting yourself into    0:11:37.770,0:11:42.000  a trance state and the easiest trance    0:11:39.960,0:11:44.790  state you can enter into is that moment    0:11:42.000,0:11:45.350  you’re in bed and just about to fall    0:11:44.790,0:11:48.810  asleep    0:11:45.350,0:11:51.150  so before you get to that moment is to    0:11:48.810,0:11:53.040  think about what kind of suggestion what    0:11:51.150,0:11:57.600  would you like to program into your mind    0:11:53.040,0:11:59.990  and when you think about a suggestion it    0:11:57.600,0:12:03.990  needs to be in the positive type of a    0:11:59.990,0:12:09.390  framework for instance I no longer crave    0:12:03.990,0:12:10.920  sugar and no longer is a negative so for    0:12:09.390,0:12:13.350  instance if I were to tell you Amanda    0:12:10.920,0:12:19.680  don’t think of a blue monkey what are    0:12:13.350,0:12:21.300  you thinking of right now so when you    0:12:19.680,0:12:24.420  put something in a negative your brain    0:12:21.300,0:12:26.070  will automatically focus on that so if    0:12:24.420,0:12:28.070  you put it in a positive stance instead    0:12:26.070,0:12:32.220  of I no longer crave sugar you can say I    0:12:28.070,0:12:34.050  crave healthy fuelling foods that’s a    0:12:32.220,0:12:38.430  more passive positive spin that’s a    0:12:34.050,0:12:40.230  positive affirmation or suggestion so    0:12:38.430,0:12:42.510  thinking of something that’s positive if    0:12:40.230,0:12:44.310  you can’t think of anything my favorite    0:12:42.510,0:12:46.470  and I do this for myself too    0:12:44.310,0:12:51.150  my absolute favorite suggestion and it    0:12:46.470,0:12:55.730  blankets everything every day in every    0:12:51.150,0:12:55.730  way I’m getting better and better every    0:12:55.970,0:13:00.960  in every way I’m getting better and    0:12:58.680,0:13:02.820  better so it covers everything if you’re    0:13:00.960,0:13:05.400  like I don’t know what to suggest to    0:13:02.820,0:13:07.290  myself then when you’re in bed and    0:13:05.400,0:13:09.630  you’re ready to do your suggestions use    0:13:07.290,0:13:12.750  your fingers you can tap your fingers    0:13:09.630,0:13:14.700  and you do it at least 20 times every    0:13:12.750,0:13:16.680  day and every way I’m getting better and    0:13:14.700,0:13:18.060  better and then keep going and you’ll    0:13:16.680,0:13:19.740  find yourself kind of drifting off to    0:13:18.060,0:13:21.990  sleep but    0:13:19.740,0:13:24.330  that programs your brain that programs    0:13:21.990,0:13:26.670  that suggestion and what I do for my    0:13:24.330,0:13:29.100  clients is we’ll talk about a suggestion    0:13:26.670,0:13:31.380  so that way it’s their idea it’s what    0:13:29.100,0:13:33.270  they are ready to receive because if I    0:13:31.380,0:13:35.460  plant there’s a suggestion that their    0:13:33.270,0:13:37.860  brain is just gonna back up I don’t want    0:13:35.460,0:13:38.900  to eat celery but they’re not going to    0:13:37.860,0:13:41.280  receive that    0:13:38.900,0:13:45.090  but if it’s something what they really    0:13:41.280,0:13:47.700  like like I love fish and I love working    0:13:45.090,0:13:49.680  out working out too dance music is my    0:13:47.700,0:13:51.300  favorite thing in the world and they’re    0:13:49.680,0:13:52.770  gonna receive that because that’s what    0:13:51.300,0:13:56.340  they really want right let’s get down    0:13:52.770,0:13:58.830  and boogie so it’s your words is your    0:13:56.340,0:14:01.290  terminology and that’s why self-hypnosis    0:13:58.830,0:14:03.630  can really be the extra boost to coming    0:14:01.290,0:14:05.160  to see me as well and not everybody    0:14:03.630,0:14:07.640  really needs to see me and that’s fine    0:14:05.160,0:14:11.100  too is you’re not gonna hurt my feelings    0:14:07.640,0:14:12.810  but if I could help just one person and    0:14:11.100,0:14:15.720  whatever they’re struggling with whether    0:14:12.810,0:14:20.310  it’s weight loss smoking pain anxiety    0:14:15.720,0:14:25.110  fears I think that you know that that’s    0:14:20.310,0:14:28.760  just again what beats my soul that’s    0:14:25.110,0:14:31.650  wonderful so how do how would someone    0:14:28.760,0:14:33.180  connect with you so they could find out    0:14:31.650,0:14:35.250  if it’s a good fit to work with you    0:14:33.180,0:14:37.200  because I know you mentioned that you do    0:14:35.250,0:14:39.300  work digitally which is great because    0:14:37.200,0:14:45.180  with technology even if it’s a little    0:14:39.300,0:14:48.240  funky on us it’s still but how would    0:14:45.180,0:14:51.690  someone connect with you in order to see    0:14:48.240,0:14:54.650  if it’s a good fit so I prefer phone    0:14:51.690,0:14:57.360  calls just because talking to somebody    0:14:54.650,0:15:00.120  there is something in their voice and in    0:14:57.360,0:15:03.270  two nations that text and email doesn’t    0:15:00.120,0:15:05.430  always convey I usually recommend people    0:15:03.270,0:15:09.980  to look at my website first to see if    0:15:05.430,0:15:15.810  it’s a fit my website is WWE    0:15:09.980,0:15:17.820  and i wamt ki NS comm that gives you    0:15:15.810,0:15:20.190  some idea of my backgrounds my    0:15:17.820,0:15:23.850  experience and my expertise is very    0:15:20.190,0:15:26.370  specific fields for hypnosis of course I    0:15:23.850,0:15:28.290  do go outside those fields but those are    0:15:26.370,0:15:29.430  the ones that I’m really knowledgeable    0:15:28.290,0:15:32.930  in those are the ones that I’ve    0:15:29.430,0:15:34.370  practiced and has studied    0:15:32.930,0:15:36.200  then of course a phone call my phone    0:15:34.370,0:15:38.420  call my phone number is on my website    0:15:36.200,0:15:40.130  and just give me a call if I’m not    0:15:38.420,0:15:43.190  available I usually respond within 24    0:15:40.130,0:15:45.080  hours to voicemails so please leave a    0:15:43.190,0:15:48.589  voicemail if you don’t get me personally    0:15:45.080,0:15:50.390  and it’s just an easy conversation I’m    0:15:48.589,0:15:55.630  not going to pull any fast stuff either    0:15:50.390,0:15:55.630  on the phone they won’t bark like a dog    0:15:56.170,0:16:01.399  unless he wants you they went to than    0:15:58.580,0:16:03.760  that’s what’s on them that might be a    0:16:01.399,0:16:07.089  good way for them to determine who knows    0:16:03.760,0:16:10.190  everyone’s got their own thing right    0:16:07.089,0:16:13.010  well thank you so much for taking some    0:16:10.190,0:16:16.700  time today to chat with me and letting    0:16:13.010,0:16:19.730  me share you and your expertise with    0:16:16.700,0:16:23.630  other business owners and business    0:16:19.730,0:16:26.390  professionals out there I I started this    0:16:23.630,0:16:30.470  because I meet so many amazing people    0:16:26.390,0:16:32.630  and I would love to create a stronger    0:16:30.470,0:16:35.510  network where we can share each other    0:16:32.630,0:16:38.360  more digitally so and I’ll be putting    0:16:35.510,0:16:41.390  all of your information in the links in    0:16:38.360,0:16:44.529  the description so people can get ahold    0:16:41.390,0:16:46.790  of you that way and connect with you    0:16:44.529,0:16:49.160  especially you know they’re really    0:16:46.790,0:16:52.339  interested you know it doesn’t hurt to    0:16:49.160,0:16:54.320  stop and schedule a discovery call with    0:16:52.339,0:16:56.589  you and see if it’s a fit and it might    0:16:54.320,0:16:59.540  be the one thing that totally turns    0:16:56.589,0:17:02.900  everything around and they just didn’t    0:16:59.540,0:17:05.270  do it because they were afraid or just    0:17:02.900,0:17:08.329  didn’t want to take that plunge so thank    0:17:05.270,0:17:09.679  you again so much thank you so much for    0:17:08.329,0:17:13.160  this opportunity I appreciate that    0:17:09.679,0:17:14.870  Amanda absolutely well everyone out    0:17:13.160,0:17:19.130  there have a wonderful rest of your day    0:17:14.870,0:17:31.349  and we will see you on the next episode    0:17:19.130,0:17:31.349  [Music]

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