How to Create a Memorable Event

Episode 8 | 1.9.20

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This series is a way

Creating your own marketing images is nothing anything to be afraid of. In fact they can take many shapes and they do not always have to include you. Here are 5 types of unique images THAT AREN’T SELFIES:

Product Images

These are self explanatory, but these are a great way to provide unique content for your social media and marketing.

What Community Will You Create?

Episode 7 | 12.5.19

Host: Amanda C Goff (Visual Strategies)

Guest: Myhriah Young (Community Builder & Head Troupe Leader)


Power Partners to Profit

Episode 6 | 10.3.19

Host: Amanda C Goff (Visual Strategies)

Guest: Brittani Nelson (Power Connector & Business Matchmaker)