If you are not consistent in your marketing and brand story…you will cause confusion at some point. Which will turn potential clients away. But fear not…you can use 3 check-in points to make certain you know where you excel and where you can improve.

Consistency Check-in #1 – Your Visual Brand

  • Execute A

3 Things to Get Started to Buy a Home

Episode 5 | 9.5.19

Host: Amanda C Goff (Visual Strategies) 

Guest: Connor Webb (Loan Originator)

Connor’s goal with

HR Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

Episode 4 | 8.1.19

Host: Amanda C Goff (Visual Strategies) 

Guest: Kyria McGill (HR Rock Star)

Kyria talks about three of the top HR areas to consider no matter how big or

When you use an image or video in social media and share it around on your business page, you can get away with not having permission to post it. It is more ideal of course if you do, but that is kind of what social sharing is all about.

This is a totally different story when it comes to images

You Mean PIES Are Good For Me?

Episode 3 | 7.5.19

Host: Amanda C Goff (Visual Strategies)

Guest: Zee Coash (Business Strategist)

Zee goes over the assessment system

If you are a business owner, a leader in an organization or you are your own brand, marketing strategy is crucial to your success. Don’t get scared of the word “strategy”, all it really means is you need to take some time and think through some foundational pieces to your brand & biz.

By setting aside a chunk in your calendar (maybe two 30 min blocks) each

People will only do what they like to do, what they are comfortable accomplishing…all the rest it will be a struggle to get done”

This is all about how you choose to show up visually. This will need to be a magic mix of what you naturally LOVE to do and where you are willing to push yourself a bit. This takes time to

Before You Can Attract Your Ideal Client…You Have to Know Them

When you open a business and start to develop a brand there seems like many things that you need to focus on so you can start getting clients. It can be overwhelming!! But if can wrangle three things first and foremost, the rest will seem a whole lot easier.

So lets start with

Will You Make Me Bark Like a Dog?

Episode 2 | 6.6.19

Host: Amanda C Goff (Visual Strategies)

Guest: Lani Watkins (Hypnotherapist)

Curious about hypnosis? Think

How Do You Relate to Money?

Episode 1 | 5.2.19
Host: Amanda C Goff (Visual Strategies)

Guest: Cecilia Case (The Money Relationship Coach)

The selfies is no longer for the 20-somethings, it is being seen all over social media being used by all ages, notably by business professionals. Now that is not to say selfies are being used correctly all over the place, but if used with intention, the selfie can be a powerful storytelling tool to use in marketing. As a business professional or entrepreneur, selfies are a way of showing people a sneak peek behind the

When you walk into a room of people, what is the first thing you notice? You notice how the people are engaging right? What group is inviting and welcoming? What group is closed off? (I actually love to walk up to closed off groups and introduce myself…I’m just weird that way). The body language we use (subconsciously or consciously) is powerful!! Once you are aware of a few cues, it will blow your

As the saying goes. if you fail to plan…you plan to fail (Benjamin Franklin). When it comes to business most people are familiar with biz plans and marketing plans, but it is also important to plan out how you want to tell your story visually. Visual marketing and brand creation is part of where we are now at in our lovely age of technology and high connectivity. By having a strategy

Networking is an important part of business, but there is a right way and a wrong way. Do it the wrong way you are wasting your time. Do it the right way and you will start to create a dynamic tribe of people to call your own. Here are some tips for effective and intentional face time:

  1. Networking is more than face-time at meetings. Just showing up and passing out cards at networking meetings

What do you think of when you hear the words “Core Values”? Things like integrity, diversity, inspiration, community, creativity, sustainability… blah, blah, blah. While these are good and noble values that represent how quality business is done, they are really just what business owners think are the “right values” when it comes to creating this part of their brand story. What is truly lacking from these “right values”  is a way to put them into