DIY Video Production (TM) | Please Stop Shooting Vertical Video!!!

Please, please, please….STOP shooting vertical on your phone when you are filming your LIVE or even capturing video that you will post later on social media!!!!

Why you ask? Well here are the top 3 reasons to stop shooting vertical:

ONE: When you post your video it has those annoying blurred out side bars. By shooting horizontally you are getting all the screen time.

TWO: When you watch a video shot vertically, you instantly know that it was shot with a phone. Its not that you are not fooling anyone when you post a video like the one below…but why not create a video in the most professional way possible.

THREE: You will be giving yourself a bit of an advantage by setting yourself apart. Your video will look less amature and you will be utilizing all the screen “real estate” so the focus is on what you want it to be about. In today’s digital marketing world you need to take any step up possible.

How can you even more improve your video content captured with your phone? Invest in a few tools to bring the quality level up a notch. I am not talking hundreds of dollars, this can be done for a small investment into a tripod, small light source and some filming/editing apps. To learn more you can check out my DIY Video Production (TM) Tool Kit download HERE.