Creating Content…Without Killing the Passion – Pt 3

Creating Content…Without Killing the Passion – Pt 3

Action Step Three

We all know we need to have consistent content to stay visible…but sometimes it gets to be too much to even think about. These action steps are designed to give you a bit of direction so that you can stay on track.

  • Create your content outline (for at least the next 3 month). This can be as simple as a word doc.
    • What days are you going to post?
    • What platform (s) will you use?
    • What content action will you take each day on these platforms?
  • Choose monthly themes for your content. WHY? Because it will give you guidance on what your post. Of course the theme should be in line with your brand. [For example: If you are a massage therapist, choose themes related to health, how massage benefits]

Author: Amanda Goff

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