Key Conversations with Amanda Goff | Episode 9

Is it time to get your swag on? Episode 9 | 2.6.2020 Get This Delivered to Your In-Box….Sign up for Our ENewsletter This series is a way for me (Amanda) to share all the amazing people I meet in my networking adventures. It is designed to promote life balance, help entrepreneurs and biz professionals be more successful & bring you the latest / greatest in digital technology. Host: Amanda C Goff (Visual Ninja, Strategist &

7 Ways to Show Up In Your Brand

Showing up in your brand will be different for all of us and will depend on many factors, however regardless of the variants the fact that you NEED to be showing up in your brand is vital to your ability to attract the people you WANT to work with. So what does showing up in your brand mean? It means being authentic. It means sharing your story. It means being a little bold and having

Consistency is King | 3 Check-in Points

If you are not consistent in your marketing and brand story…you will cause confusion at some point. Which will turn potential clients away. But fear not…you can use 3 check-in points to make certain you know where you excel and where you can improve. Consistency Check-in #1 – Your Visual Brand Execute A Brand Audit Put All Your Brand Elements Together Get An Outside Opinion Consistency Check-in #2 – How Are You Showing Up Execute

2 Keys to Creating a Strong Visual Brand | Key #2 Finding Your Magic

“People will only do what they like to do, what they are comfortable accomplishing…all the rest it will be a struggle to get done” — ACG This is all about how you choose to show up visually. This will need to be a magic mix of what you naturally LOVE to do and where you are willing to push yourself a bit. This takes time to figure out, but it is so valuable when you

2 Keys to Creating a Strong Visual Brand | Key #2 Who is Your WHO?

Before You Can Attract Your Ideal Client…You Have to Know Them When you open a business and start to develop a brand there seems like many things that you need to focus on so you can start getting clients. It can be overwhelming!! But if can wrangle three things first and foremost, the rest will seem a whole lot easier. So lets start with the first of 3 keys to creating a strong visual brand…Your