Attract More Clients with Quality Content | Pt. 3

Attract More Clients with Quality Content | Pt. 3

Be Seen & Heard With These Top Three Tools

Audio quality is a deal breaker. If you cannot be heard by your viewer, they will toss you like a hot potato. To make sure that you have a good sound it does not have to break the bank. Here are my top three tools to help you be clear as a bell. (Images are linked…I am not an affiliate)

Can You Hear Me Now?

Avoid wasting your time on content that will not get good engagement. Audio gear may seem intimidating, but these days things have been created to be really user-friendly. NOTE: be sure that you check your phone or camera for the type of input ports they have. Sometimes you do have to have an adapter.

Here Are My Top 3 Picks:

(Images are linked…I am not an affiliate)

Pick #1 – Lav Mic

Pick #2 – Micro On Camera Boom Mic

Pick #2 – Medium On Camera Boom Mic

Author: Amanda Goff

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