Attract More Clients with Quality Content | Pt. 2

Attract More Clients with Quality Content | Pt. 2

You Will Light Up Your Content with These Top Three Tools

Natural light is best, but that is not always an option. You can go with a similar ring light or box light, however, this kit gives you several options (from tabletop to stand-ups). When you do purchase a light, make sure it has the option for both cool light (white) and warm (amber tone). Having one that is dimmable is also ideal.

Don’t skimp out on this important video element. Bad lighting can make your videos and content appear low quality, even if the content you are offering is of great value. This is a first impression you don’t want to screw up.

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Pick #1 – Table Top Ring Light

Pick #2 – Dimmable 2-Light Kit with Gels

Pick #3 – Large Ring Light

Author: Amanda Goff

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