7 Ways to Show Up In Your Brand

Showing up in your brand will be different for all of us and will depend on many factors, however regardless of the variants the fact that you NEED to be showing up in your brand is vital to your ability to attract the people you WANT to work with.

So what does showing up in your brand mean? It means being authentic. It means sharing your story. It means being a little bold and having fun. If you are stumped how to get started, here are 7 ways to show up in your brand and start connecting with your audience.

1 – Make sure you have an up-to-date headshot on your social profiles, website and emails

2 – Update your About / Story / Description across all your social profile with a short bio about yourself.

3 – Make sure that YOU are in some of your social posts. These do not have to be selfies per say…but be sure that you share your day and what you do with your audience.

4 – Use video so your audience can hear your voice. This could be LIVE or pre-recorded, whatever your choice…use video.

5 – Contribute online in ways that make sense for your brand. This could be guest blogging, appearing on a video or podcast, offering valuable content on social groups…the sky’s the limit, get creative.

BONUS TIP: Be consistent in everything you do. This will help your audience know what to expect and start looking forward to it.


Don’t try to do everything and get yourself overwhelmed…cause you will not do anything.
Do sort out what you like to do or what you can hire someone to help you with.
Do make a plan and tackle one thing at a time until you are doing it consistently.
Do have fun and share the real you.

Author: Amanda Goff