7 Ways to Create Selfies with Substance for Your Brand

7 Ways to Create Selfies with Substance for Your Brand

The selfies is no longer for the 20-somethings, it is being seen all over social media being used by all ages, notably by business professionals.

Now that is not to say selfies are being used correctly all over the place, but if used with intention, the selfie can be a powerful storytelling tool to use in marketing.

As a business professional or entrepreneur, selfies are a way of showing people a sneak peek behind the curtain, build the foundation of expertise and share the culture of business.

Your clients, potential clients and community love to see these things, this is how they will connect with you!!

So how do you go about using selfies for your business? Well, here are 7 rock solid ways to create selfies with substance for your brand:

#1 – Give Context to Your Day

This is an opportunity to show what you do in your day. For example if you have a day-to-day task that is mundane but necessary, snap a photo. Or if you are at an event, take an image of you with an event banner behind you or hold up your branded conference packet. Be sure to put in a fun description of what you are learning and hast tag the event. #SeizeTheDay

#2 – Raise That Brand Up

Whether you like it or not, you (and anyone who works for you) is a brand ambassador. All the selfies you take can be amazing marketing content, especially if you are wearing your brand colors or your logo. Be intentional and brainstorm fun ways to raise your brand up and show your brand’s personality. #BrandBoss

#3 – Document Your History

Start using selfies to document milestones. When you hit a year at your location, take a selfie with a cupcake with one candle. OR if you have brought on your first employee, play it up with fun selfies to celebrate. This bring people along with you on your journey and they will become loyal followers. #MakingHistory

You need to be yourself

#4 – Show What Sets You Apart…YOU

You are an important part of your brand’s story. Your unique skills and experience is part of what sets you apart from everyone else. Show that off through a selfie. For example, I am a theater and film geek. It is this dramatic and cinematic experience that sets my style apart. When I am at the theater or on set of an indie film project, I capture a selfie or two. What is something that is unique about you (hobby, fun collection, interesting skill)? #UniquelyYou

#5 – Spotlight The Team That Helps Make Things Happen

A posted selfie of you and the peeps who help make things happen in your biz can mean the world. This selfie is beyond self-serving, it is all about appreciating those that matter the most and do not get the props. It could be a vendor, a power partner, an employee orĀ  your best client. #Grateful

#6 – Answer Your FAQs Visually

We all have some sort of commonly asked questions. Using a fun selfie can be a creative way to answer them before they are asked. If you are a brick & mortar, you can take a spunky picture with your store hours. OR If you have a set of specialties, show that off with a selfie. #FAQ

#7 – Share The Tools of The Trade

Make the tools you use the focal point of some of the selfies you share. Your followers are curious about what you use to do what you love to do! If you are a coffee shop, take a photo of you or an employee pulling shots…make sure you hash tag the type of machine and add a description of how it all works. Why should you do this? Because your peeps will love to learn more.

So what is a take away from these 7 ways to use selfies? That your social media posts should either educate, entice, or entertain your peeps!!!

Author: Amanda Goff

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