7 Key Strategies for Marketing Your Brand

If you are a business owner, a leader in an organization or you are your own brand, marketing strategy is crucial to your success. Don’t get scared of the word “strategy”, all it really means is you need to take some time and think through some foundational pieces to your brand & biz.

By setting aside a chunk in your calendar (maybe two 30 min blocks) each week…you will be done in no time. And you will have so much more clarity. This clarity will help you have a stronger message and marketing impact.

Here are 7 key places to start getting on track with all this:

Know Your Story
The core of your story is your big WHY. This is the reason or reasons why you are doing what you do. What is the passion that drives you? How does your business change your life for the better? Who or what is your reason for all the long hours you put in? If you do not communicate why you care…you cannot expect others to.

Identify Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
By identifying what sets you apart, you will be able to play to your strengths. So ask yourself what makes you unique and different from your competition? What is going to persuade someone to exchange money for a product or service….or contribute to your cause? A solid USP will give a certain focus to your marketing.

Establish Your Core Values
These are values that reflect the core principals of your business or organization. These are deeply held values that do not change over time. They are your inner voice and compass that help you reset, revive and keep you on course. It may not make sense why to write these out to start with, but is very powerful to have your values in writing. Don’t be afraid to post these where you can see them on a regular basis.

Focus on a Community Mindset
You don’t have to be a celebrity to have fans. If you focus on developing a community around your business or organization, you will shift how you market. This mindset is not about the hard sell…it is about starting a conversion, offering valuable content and becoming the “go-to” resource for in your industry. Who is your community….Hint: start with the people who you want to attract and work with.

Incorporate A Personal Connection
When you open up and share personal experiences and perspectives, people are more inclined to hear what you have to say. It establishes authenticity, engages and makes you relatable. Whether you are in an industry where personal connection is second nature (like a wedding planner or fitness coach), or if this is a bit more difficult to navigate (like a CPA)…we all have personal experiences that are interesting to our community. So share them!

Communicate Your Expectations
Use your marketing to communicate what your customers, clients or supporters should expect from you. If you do not want to work weekends, then make certain to list your hours of operation and when people should expect to get a hold of you. If it takes two weeks for you to complete a task, market how thorough your process is. This will not only make for a happy user experience, it will also make for a more balance you!

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