5 Types of Unique Images to Market Your Biz…That Aren’t Selfies

5 Types of Unique Images to Market Your Biz…That Aren’t Selfies

Creating your own marketing images is nothing anything to be afraid of. In fact they can take many shapes and they do not always have to include you. Here are 5 types of unique images THAT AREN’T SELFIES:

Product Images

These are self explanatory, but these are a great way to provide unique content for your social media and marketing. These can be DIY (with some inexpensive equipment and a little research) or you can hire a pro to take image on a monthly basis. It really depends on your budget and time you have.

You & Your Team (if applies) In-Action Images

These images tell a story that your potential clients and fans can relate with. They feel like they get a glimpse of what working with you will be like. These are best to hire out, but if you have someone on your team that can capture these with quality then go for it.

Behind the Scenes Images

These should totally be captured by yourself or your team. You will want to have a plan for these (Will these look different then other images you post? How often will you post these), but these can be a fun way to show your audience a peak behind the curtain.

Obscure & Creative Detail Images

Think of ways to make the normal, typical and boring…fun & funky. Like taking a simple cup of coffee and shooting it so you see something in the reflection. Or an over head view of a project on your desk. These are ways to share what you do in an interesting way.

Info Based Images

These types of images take info that you want your audience to know, yet composed in an interesting way so they pay attention. This could be your hours operation, a form that is necessary to fill out upon checking in or how they can get ahold of you. Creating these types of will allow you to save time by using an image instead of a thousand words.

Author: Amanda Goff

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