5 Steps to Take Your Core Values from Blah to Bam

5 Steps to Take Your Core Values from Blah to Bam

What do you think of when you hear the words “Core Values”?

Things like integrity, diversity, inspiration, community, creativity, sustainability… blah, blah, blah.

While these are good and noble values that represent how quality business is done, they are really just what business owners think are the “right values” when it comes to creating this part of their brand story.

What is truly lacking from these “right values”  is a way to put them into action.

Your Core Values are the framework of your business’s foundation. They are your rules of engagement, commitment to your people and they lay the expectations of how you behave and expect others to act in and on behalf of your business.

Core Values need to be more than a single word, they need to be a string of words that direct how they are to be put into action.

So here are 5 steps to take your Core Values from blah….to bam:

  • If you have a staff, get them involved in this process!!! This should be a team effort.If it is just you and you feel like you need some help, ask someone who knows you and your business well and have them be a spring board for you.
  • Start out by brain storming and getting onto paper what is really important to you and your business…like deal breaker important.
  • When you are forming your list of Core Values statements (yup, not just single words), phrase them in a way that makes them actionable (see the example below). Words like “Be”; “Know”; “Evaluate”; “Deliver” are a great way to start your value statements.
  • Core Values should be measurable. How can you keep yourself or anyone associated with your business accountable to hold these standards?
  • Give yourself (and your team if it applies) time to create your values or refine them. This is an important piece of the story for your brand & biz. Create them…step away…refine them.



Example from Silver Keys Media’s Core Values

Fairness Rules

Know the Objective

Be Positive

Respect the Process

Know the process

Be Flexible

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