5 Hilarious Examples of Stock Photography

5 Hilarious Examples of Stock Photography

This post is purely for fun…but is definitely a good example of what not to do!!! Using stock photography is fine at times, but be mindful of how it aligns with the story that you want to tell.

That being said, unique content is always best practice, not only do you own the content…but it is something that you have created (or hired a pro to do) that truly reflects your brand.

Here are 5 hilarious uses of stock photography that you should totally avoid mimicking.

#1 We Are A Team!!!

group of business professionals looking at camera

This just screams, “we had the office intern play with photoshop”. I am not sure the message they are trying to convey with this image, but it has to much of an air of comedy to take it serious at all.

#2 “Let me think about this…Caption please”

Doctor talking to patient. Male patient looking like they are thinking about something


WOW…this image looks disjointed and soooooo staged. It is important to capture real responses and not hyper staged or melodramatic ones. This reminds me of my early drama classes in grade school where the teacher scolded us for showing our responses (ie…patting your arms while saying “burrr I’m cold”). Caption please!!

#3 All in A Days Work

image of young businessman with red umbrella in flower field

This is just ridiculous all together by how out of place this business man looks holding a red umbrella in a field of yellow flowers. This could be used for a very specific message customized for a specific brand, but not sure how this is a valuable stock image for any other purpose. This is another one that screams…”caption please!!”

#4 “That is a great idea!!!!”

business team coffee shop connection orginazation concept

Another highly staged image. When you want to capture interaction….actually interact!!! When I work with clients to create life-style images that capture what they do in a day, I get them going on a conversation that they would naturally have. This allows for an authentic interchange.

#5 Its going to be a-okay!!

ar service, repair, maintenance and people concept - happy smiling auto mechanic man or smith showing ok hand sign at workshop

Yeah…I feel ensured by your gleaming smile and “ok” hand gesture!!! PLEASE use authenticity with your images and capture your people in action.

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