5 Body Language Cues You NEED to Dial Into

5 Body Language Cues You NEED to Dial Into

When you walk into a room of people, what is the first thing you notice? You notice how the people are engaging right? What group is inviting and welcoming? What group is closed off? (I actually love to walk up to closed off groups and introduce myself…I’m just weird that way).

The body language we use (subconsciously or consciously) is powerful!! Once you are aware of a few cues, it will blow your mind what people say, without saying a word!

Here are the 5 body language cues you need to dial into:

1 >> The Head Angle
Head Upright & Straight = Uncomfortable or Not Present (in their head)
Head Upright & Tilted = Interested and Engaged (often nods a bit)
Head Turned Down = Shy and Uncertain

2 >>Eye Contact
Direct Contact = Interested and Engaged
Looking Away Often = Insecure or Trying to Find Moment to Leave
Looking Up & To Left = Recalling Something
Looking Up & To Right = Lying or Tapping into Their Imagination
Looking To Left or Right = Recalling Something

3 >>Where Are the Arms & Hands
Arms Crossed = Closed Off or Defensive
Arms At Side or Hands On Hips or Open = Confident
Arms At Side or Hands On Hips or Open = Confident
Hands On Neck or On Face = Submissive or Uncertain
Closed or Cupped or Hidden = Concealing or Hiding Something

4 >>What is the Stance
Slightly Open = Grounded and Confident
Feet Together = Unstable
Feet and Legs Crossed = Closed Off or Defensive

5 >>Group Dynamic
How Many People Are in the Group?
Is There a Place to Join? or Is It Closed Off?


Author: Amanda Goff

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