3 Steps to Improve Your YouTube Embedded Videos

If you have video embedded on your website or you use them as part of your blog posts, you may very see what is below when the video is done playing:

Annoying Video Suggestions

This is annoying, ugly and kind of unprofessional to be honest. It is directing visitors to your website away from your video and onto what YouTube things they may want to see or is some how related to your video topic (I am not sure how since often they are so obscure). Plus you have no control as to what this will be and I have heard some horror stories of embarrassing content being queued up in this suggestion box.

Well you can fix this is as simple as 1-2-3 and removes the code which allows these suggestions to display. Here is how:

Step #1

Go into your Video Manager and click on the video you want to embed. Once it opens up, click on the title of the video to open up the SHARE options.

Select Your Video

Step #2

Once this opens up, select SHARE and in the pop-up window select EMBED

Share and Access Embed Code Options

Step #3

Now deselect the “Show Suggested Video When the Video Finishes”. Copy the code and embed away.Remove the Video Suggestions and Get a Clean Embed CodeHope you found this helpful! Please comment and share.


Written by Amanda Goff
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