29 Days Of Blogging | Day 5: Top Fifteen Songs I Love

I love music…music of all kinds. I listen to country, classic rock, hip-hop, dubstep…the list can go on. Since I was little I have created emotional ties to certain songs. When I hear them they can transport me back to that time and place. If my life could have a sound track here are ten songs that would be part of that collection. They all have their own hook into the story of my life:

Maxwell’s Silver Hammer  – The Beatles
Brown Eyed Girl  – Van Morrison
Defying Gravity – From “Wicked” (yep here comes the musical numbers)
Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band – The Beatles (actually this whole album)
Foxy Lady – Jimmy Hendrix (this one holds two memories)
Suddenly Seymour – From “Little Shop of Horrors”
The Goonies ‘R’ Good Enough –  Cyndi Lauper (“Goonies Never Say Die!”)
Smells Like Teen Spirit  – Nirvana (ode to the brooding 90’s teen years)
Jesus Freak  –  DC Talk
Come What May – From “Moulin Rouge”
Monster  –  Skillet (helped out on a couple tours with them…amazing band!)
You Can’t Stop the Beat – From “Hairspray”
Thief  –  Third Day
Elements – Lindsay Stirling (I love everything she does…the video is worth a watch)
Hello  –  Adele (yes it is over played…but she is soooooo amazing!)

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