Lights, Camera, Action…My Life on a Film Set

Lights, Camera, Action…My Life on a Film Set

Stepping on a film set is amazing. I have had the opportunity to do it for a professional film company here in Portland as a paid extra on “Portlandia” and I have had the opportunity to do so for the last several years with Marble Mountain Films working on the short film “Unmarked” and several other projects.

Tim Klein and Megan Powers onset for “Dead Lake” with Marble Mountain Films


It is not glamorous as one may think. I have hiked miles to locations, nearly frozen my feet off, baked in the 100 degrees weather, mucked around in dirty water and hauled tons of gear. But I have loved every bit of it. There is a thrill of working with actors and directing them to tell a story. To orchestrate visual, emotional and audio to impact an audience is amazing.

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