2 Keys to Creating a Strong Visual Brand | Key #2 Who is Your WHO?

Before You Can Attract Your Ideal Client…You Have to Know Them

When you open a business and start to develop a brand there seems like many things that you need to focus on so you can start getting clients. It can be overwhelming!! But if can wrangle three things first and foremost, the rest will seem a whole lot easier.

So lets start with the first of 3 keys to creating a strong visual brand…Your WHO.

Do you know who your WHO is? This should be the people you WANT to work with! Your WHO should reflect your favorite past clients…the ones you absolutely loved working with.

Now these are not like the client profiles or avatars that you might have learned in “business marketing 101” type workshops or training. You need to REALLY know them as REAL PEOPLE. This is why I have created an exercise that will help you create a guide to help you really get to know your WHO. You can CLICK HERE to get the download.

These are also great questions to get started NOW:

What type of client or community do you want to work with?
What unique services are needed by the niche you want to focus on?
Who would look to you as an expert in your field?
What is the best way to communicate to your niche?
How can you bring a new perspective to challenges that offer unique solutions?

If this still seems a bit overwhelming or if you are struggling to niche down your WHO…lets chat!!! CONTACT ME HERE and lets hop on a DISCOVERY CALL and see how I can help.

Author: Amanda Goff